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BYOD in Action!

You've Got To See It To Believe It!

The BYOD initiative will allow teachers to instruct more effectively and students to learn more efficiently. Take a glimpse into some of the classrooms at Vance Elementary that currently use technology devices to support learning.

In Ms. Houghton's fifth grade classroom, she uses the Ipads as an organic part of the learning process. Here you see students using Ipads to research pictures for student created vocabulary charts (TIP Charts) to accelerate and pre-teach science vocabulary. 

"Technology has given my students multiple access points into the curriculum, allowing higher levels of critical thinking, collaboration and creativity for all students."

~Ms. Houghton, Fifth Grade Teacher

In the MakerSpace, students use technology as a way to think critically, be creative, and collaborate. Here, students are programming Dot and Dash, using an IPad, to complete different tasks. They are posting their ideas, resources and reactions to a digital classroom on the laptops, to share with others.

"When you put a device in a student's hands they immediately feel empowered, which pushes them to be more responsible and make their own decisions." 

~Ms. Leab, Instructional Technology Facilitator

First grade uses technology to show evidence of learning in the classroom. Here you see Ms. Lee's first grade using Ipads to create Chatterpix videos from the perspective characters running for president. They then shared these videos on a digital classroom for classmates and parents to view. 

"The integration of technology into a lesson, adds more student engagement and creativity. Students practice new ways to create a finished product and share with others." 

~Ms. Lee, First Grade Teacher


Ms. Brent's

First Grade

Students scan QR Codes to complete research on bats and spiders, which they will then complete "all about" papers.  

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